About Pay Per Click Campaign Management

Imagine if you could promote your business on the Web’s most popular search engines Google and Yahoo. Well thats exactly what EMC Online can help you do with our Pay Per Click Campain Management. Let us create the campaign for you and we can have your ads display in search results on Yahoo or Google, where millions of people turn for the information, products or services they seek.

How it works?
We will setup the campaign(s) for you in either Google or/and Yahoo. Generate keywords that are most likely to be searched by your potential customers when they are looking for similar service or products. Then your ad(s) will be created based on the generated keywords. Your ads will appear in search results when prospective customers search on your keywords. But you pay only when your ads are clicked.
Why Pick Us?
Our company has completed comprehensive training on managing Sponsored Search accounts for both Google and Yahoo. We’ve demonstrated a high level of knowledge by passing the Yahoo! Search Marketing Ambassador test and Google’s qualifying exam. We’ll be your personal account management experts that brings you the higest ROI so you can spend time on what’s most important: running your business.